An Open Letter From Mitch Mayne

I am Mitch Mayne, and I am an openly gay Latter-day Saint.

On August 14, 2011, I was sustained as the executive secretary in the Bishopric of the Bay Ward of the San Francisco Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).

I accepted this calling because of the opportunity it presents me to serve my Savior and my community. And, I accepted this calling as my authentic self: An openly gay man who loves his Savior, loves his Mormon family, loves his counterparts within the LGBTQ community, and has both desire and opportunity to serve.

Up until a year ago, I was in a committed, monogamous relationship with my partner of several years. I wore a wedding band. I attended church and held callings within my ward. But, life is not without its own twists and turns, and I left that relationship for a variety of reasons, none of which had to do with pressure from the church. It was, without question, the most painful decision I’ve ever made.

As a result, my current circumstances provide me with a unique opportunity to serve in a Priesthood leadership role within my community. I am committing to adhere to the same standard of behavior that we require of any single, heterosexual man in a priesthood leadership position.

Like each of us in the human family, I don’t know what my future will bring; but I do know I will always strive to live my life in accordance what I understand my Savior’s will for me to be. That desire to do what is right—just like my orientation—is embedded into my spiritual DNA. And both are cornerstones to what make me my Father’s son.

I understand that for my gay Mormon brothers and sisters and those who support them both inside and outside our faith, there is special meaning here: For it demonstrates that not only do we as gay Mormons have a home within our faith if we so choose, but that we also have a path.

It is a humbling honor to be asked to serve in this capacity, and I am grateful for a Church leadership that views me as an asset that can help serve our community. Nonetheless, I am simply an ordinary man, blessed to have been placed in extraordinary circumstances. And as such, a man who is willing to bring that experience to bear to help others as they strive to find their place within the gospel, and within the Mormon family.

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